He plays Stefano De Torres in “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY” by Valter D’Errico, produced by Jo Champa and Susan Rockefeller.

The story of a boy with solid principles, who will have to deal with his own psyche, in total antithesis of appearance.

He is a disabled homosexual in the comedy “LA GOCCIA E IL MARE”, a short film directed by Daniele Falleri.

He starred in “MORS TUA VITA MEA” by Alessandro Prete, identifying himself with a young father with a problematic life.

He will face the umpteenth twist of fate, a weird night with an unpredictable autistic, portrayed by Gaetano Amato.

He plays the co-star Oreste in “ARIDA” with Carlotta Antonelli.

A fairytale of love and bullying set in the years 60, directed by Francesco Maria Dominedò.

He’s in the cast of the movie “IN THE TRAP” with David Bailie, Robert Nairne, Jamie Paul, Sonya Cullingford.


He’s co-protagonist of the movie “ED È SUBITO SERA” with Franco Nero and Gianluca Di Gennaro.

Based on a true story of the young Dario Scherillo, killed by Camorra for a case of mistaken identity, Gianclaudio plays the son of Franco Nero; they will be fearfully involved.

He played a leading role in the Italian – French “SALE” videoclip with Loredana Cannata.


In July 2017 in the film “SCARLETT” plays a plainclothes policeman involved in a paranormal affair.


Caretta interprets an escort in the short film “BELLO DI MAMMA TUA” for which he was awarded “Best Actor” at the “FILM FESTIVAL TERRA DI SIENA

The director Clyde Anderson AKA Claudio Fragasso chooses Caretta for the role as co-protagonist in the short film “L’ULTIMO APPLAUSO”.


Thanks to the thriller “DIABOLIKA” in foreign language, he receives at the “VII INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL COMMITMENT AWARD” the “Star of Merit” as “Young Starring Actor in an International Movie”.